Baccarat Boutique Bbar Lounge 

Almost hidden in a charming courtyard at number 23 via Montenapoleone, lit up by a magnificent red chandelier at the entrance, decorated with frescoes by Alexandre Benjamin Navet, this space is home to the first Bbar (Baccarat bar) outside Japan, restyled with a mix of heritage and modernity that makes Baccarat so unique and relevant.


The address also welcomes a boutique and a lounge, where to enjoy a coffee, breakfast, lunch with a glass of wine or champagne, afternoon tea or an aperitif before dinner. All is presented and served in shimmering Baccarat pieces, including a number of collector’s items reserved for the guests of the Bbar and Lounge.



BACCARAT Boutique, Bbar, Lounge
Via Montenapoleone, 23 - Milan
Monday to Saturday, 10:30 AM - 7 PM

+ 39 02 8736 9706


The colour palette and the fabrics are inspired by the most beloved Milan and by frescoes that adorn the upper floors of this noble period mansion.


The personnel have also been carefully selected to provide an impeccable service with savoir faire and charm mixed with that touch of fashion and modernity required by the “glamorous world” of Baccarat.


A set of exceptional Baccarat pieces decorate this new luxurious cocoon: chandeliers Tuile de Cristal designed by Arik Levy, the bar cabinet designed by Jacques Grange and covered with illuminated crystal tiles, a cascade of Zenith chandeliers in new delicate colours, Candy Light lamps designed by Jaime Hayon, the Panthers by George Chevalier, but also the butterflies “porte-bonheur” in every colour, Every Day Baccara t glass sets, the duo of flutes or champagne coupes, Eye candle holders and vases, the Origami collection, and numerous other magnificent creations available in boutique, to treat yourself or as a gift in the magic Baccarat “red box”.

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