Caring for nature

Our commitment to regenerative viticulture

Maison Perrier-Jouët has existed in symbiosis with nature since 1811, and the House has been a pioneer of regenerative viticulture since 2020. By taking good care of the surrounding flora, the vines and the soil, both deep down and at the surface level, regenerative practices help us to create a thriving ecosystem, boosting carbon capture and increasing our resilience to climate change. For Séverine Frerson, cellar master of Perrier-Jouët, this holistic, sustainable approach is about “stepping up to our responsibilities to the entire living world.”

A living terroir

The principles of regenerative viticulture are applied in the vineyards, including tilling the soil to encourage root growth, as well as grassing over to increase the fertility and drainage capacities of the soil, allowing for optimum water retention. Bee hives, low walls and trees are all vital sources of life, providing safe spaces for the local fauna to nest and live, enriching biodiversity season after season.

Exceptional Chardonnay

More than just sustainable, Perrier-Jouët's dedication for nature is reflected in strong commitments to the ecosystem as a whole. Meticulous care of the vines, paired with the natural richness of the extraordinary Champagne terroir, allows us to create the perfect conditions to produce Chardonnay grapes of outstanding elegance.

A joyous embrace of Nature

Guided by nature, a source of inspiration throughout Maison Perrier-Jouët’s history, the House has cultivated a joyful and mindful vision of the world. The beauty of the Champagne terroir is our life force, an inexhaustible source of creative enchantment.
Working in collaboration with celebrated artists such as Viviane Sassen, mischer’traxler and Garance Vallée, we are constantly (re)imagining our relationship to nature by means of new creative explorations, installations and artistic projects.


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Tending our soil
Tending our soil