What food pairs well with Champagne?

Learn about Champagne sweetness levels, find out what kinds of food pair well with Champagne, and discover classic pairings.

Perrier Jouët Pecan Pie Holiday Food Recipe pairing with Perrier Jouët Blason Rose champagne

Are you looking to create a meal that goes perfectly with your chosen Perrier-Jouët champagne?

Good news! Many food pairings highlight the subtle aromas of the House’s cuvées.
Champagne can be paired with a wide range of foods thanks to its low alcohol level and well-balanced acidity, but we will explain why certain flavors are particularly suited to the complex, floral notes of Perrier-Jouët cuvées. In this article, we also suggest a selection of seasonal recipes to create successful pairings based on delicious fresh produce in keeping with the time of the year!

Champagne sweetness levels

Did you know that not all champagnes have the same sweetness level? It depends on the amount of liqueur de dosage added to the cuvée. The cellar master injects this special mix of wine and sugar into the champagne to give it perfect balance. Each house has its own signature style, and champagnes range from Doux (with more than 50 grams of sugar per litre) to Extra-Brut (less than 6 g/l). Perrier-Jouët’s champagnes have always been Brut with very little sugar added to fully preserve their subtlety.

To create a successful pairing, it’s important to take this element into consideration, since a dish that is too sweet will lend a strong acidic feel to your champagne and prevent you from exploring the full aromatic complexity of your chosen cuvée.

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Styles of Champagne
The Brut and Rosé champagnes combine two red grape varieties with colorless flesh (Pinot Noir and Meunier) with a white grape with colorless flesh – Chardonnay, the house’s signature variety. The Rosé champagne owes its pink color to the particular fermentation method used for this cuvée.

The Blanc de Blancs champagne is made solely from Chardonnay, a delicate grape variety which gives the Perrier-Jouët cuvées their typical style, both complex and floral.

The house’s two collections represent two different, yet complementary, aspects of its expertise. Each cuvée is beautifully enhanced by the different textures and flavors of the carefully chosen food pairing.

Perrier-Jouët offers two champagne collections each comprising three cuvées: Brut, Blanc de Blancs and Rosé.

Classic collection

The Perrier-Jouët Classics collection illustrates the house’s 200 years of skill in the art of blending, made with a blend of different wines and a set proportion of reserve wines from previous vintages. This collection includes the Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs, Grand Brut and Rosé.

Belle Epoque collection

The Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque collection reflects the House’s art of vintage and is made exclusively from grapes harvested in a single year. This collection includes the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs, Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut and Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé.

A French take on gastronomy

Pairing philosophy

The philosophy behind Perrier-Jouët’s food and champagne pairings differs slightly from that which you might find at a restaurant. In order to complement, and not overwhelm, the delicate character of each signature cuvée, we match the dishes to the champagnes, and not the other way round.

The craft of balancing

This is a very precise balancing act, crafting a subtle alliance of flavors and matching complementary textures in order to celebrate the distinctive aromas of each cuvée, without overpowering them.

The culinary nuances

The wines of the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque collection are particularly well-suited to culinary combinations which highlight their myriad delicate nuances.

Pairing champagne with our Chefs

Interested in discovering other food recipes? Take inspiration from a series of exceptional recipes created by Chef Pierre Gagnaire in association with the House’s Cellar Master Séverine Frerson.






Seasonal food pairings with champagne

Discover a selection of seasonal recipes that bring out the best in the House’s cuvées, and will delight you and your guests throughout the year.

Perrier Jouët Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Holiday Food Recipe paired with Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque Rose champagne

Thanksgiving food pairings

Among the traditional dishes served at this time of year, roast turkey is often the meal of choice. To make this dish extra special, we have created a Thanksgiving recipe, promising a deliciously juicy, melt-in-the-mouth centerpiece.  

Our original take on this classic recipe showcases the 2013 Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé cuvée, whose delicate bubbles pair beautifully with this delicious plat de résistance. The charming personality of this vintage rosé champagne, characterized by notes of pink flowers and small red fruit adds finesse and complexity to this classic Thanksgiving dish.  

Root vegetables are the stars of autumn. Gently roasted with patience and care, they make for a healthy, delicious and elegant side dish. Explore our refined seasonal vegetable selection to add a touch of sophistication to your Thanksgiving celebration! The rich and earthy flavors that autumn root vegetables bring will enhance your festive table. This colorful roasted vegetable recipe is the perfect partner for 2013 Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé cuvée.

Looking for the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal? Why not choose an American classic which is sure to be a hit with guests! Pecan pie delights the hearts of food lovers with its rich, comforting flavors. End your festive meal on a high with our traditional pecan pie – crispy crust pastry and crunchy topping guaranteed! But which cuvée should you pair it with? We recommend Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé. A rosé champagne that defies every cliché, whose floral nuances of Chardonnay boldly juxtapose with the rich fruit of Pinot Noir.

Roasted Turkey

A thanksgiving's centerpiece to pair with Belle Epoque Rosé

Roasted Root Vegetables

Caramelized goodness to pair with Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé

Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

A Thanksgiving masterpiece and delicious dessert to pair with Perrier-Jouët’s Blason Rosé

 Bay Scallop Ceviche served with Perrier Jouet Blanc de Blancs.

Spring and Summer food pairing

For a refreshing, light meal, enjoy this recipe for Bay Scallop Ceviche served with Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs. The subtle, iodised flavours of the scallops combined with the freshness of the fruit and vegetables in this dish underscore the cuvée’s vivacity and elegance.

Accompany your Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé vintage cuvée with the stylish, summery flavours of this recipe for Honey Glazed Grilled Tuna with Blistered Grape Tomatoes, Swiss Chard & Roasted Turnips.

Meat lovers will be delighted by this original recipe for Surf & Turf with Steamed Green Beans & Toasted Pecans which echoes the generous, vivacious character of the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé cuvée.

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