Fill your world with wonder

In its new campaign featuring French actress and film director Mélanie Laurent, Maison Perrier-Jouët shares its vision of a sustainable future in a joyful ode to nature. By drawing inspiration from flowers and their role they play in the ecosystem, the House encourages us to think about our own role within nature: just like flowers, we are part of it, not apart from it.

The Japanese anemone, which embodies Maison Perrier-Jouët’s close relationship with the living world, appears right from the opening sequences scenes of the film Fill your world with wonder.

This emblematic flower, which inspired the scenario, symbolizes all other flowers and their essential role within the ecosystem. If we look closer at flowers, we can think about our own place within nature. Just like flowers and all other plant and animal species, we are part of nature, not apart from it. Since they play an essential role in the renewal of nature, flowers mark the beginning of many stories…

The Maison Perrier-Jouët story began with an encounter between Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose-Adélaïde Jouët, a young couple united by their vision of champagne, as well as their love of art and nature. From the beginning, they chose the Chardonnay grape variety as their signature, defining the floral style of their wines. In 1902, this inspired Emile Gallé, one of the pioneers of the Art Nouveau movement, to decorate a Perrier-Jouët magnum with the Japanese anemone motif which would later become the House’s emblem.
Fill Your World With Wonder
Fill Your World With Wonder
KV - Mélanie Laurent
A positive
vision of the future
The new Maison Perrier-Jouët campaign is a joyful ode to nature which aims to re-enchant the living world. This approach is reminiscent of the artists of the Art Nouveau movement who, in the context of the Industrial Revolution, drew inspiration from nature to bring beauty to everyday life. For Maison Perrier-Jouët, this ethos has become its core mission.

Through its film, the House invites us to rediscover the importance of collaborations between species in order to live in harmony with the world we share, as demonstrated by the initiatives it has undertaken in its vineyards over the past 10 years to promote biodiversity,such as trialling regenerative viticulture. 
Fill Your World With Wonder Behind the scene
Fill Your World With Wonder Behind the scene
Show Yanagisawa, a unique vision
True to the its creative spirit, inspired by nature with which it has been associated since it was founded, Maison Perrier-Jouët commissioned Show Yanagisawa to direct its new film. The original artistic approach of the multi-award-winning Japanese director expresses Maison Perrier-Jouët’s unique vision of the world and its unconventional observation of nature, which recalls that of the Art Nouveau movement.

In keeping with Show Yanagisawa's creative spirit, the film features music by Thylacine, a French artist who remixes classic musical works in a contemporary style.
The aim of the film is to make us realise that – like the flower and all other plant and animal species – we are part of nature, not apart from it. This vision of the world can create the conditions for a desirable future.
Mélanie Laurent
Mélanie Laurent
Creative freedom
With its new campaign, Maison Perrier-Jouët reaffirms its commitment to limiting its impact on nature – in particular its attempts to increasingly promote biodiversity.  The international reputation of the French actor and director Mélanie Laurent will bring the film’s message to a wider audience. Known for her awareness of environmental issues, she is a positive voice encouraging us to focus on effective solutions, in particular via the 2015 documentary film “Tomorrow”, which she co-directed and which garnered five awards.

As well as starring in the new film, Mélanie Laurent will accompany Maison Perrier-Jouët in its environmental initiatives. Faced with the accelerating loss of biodiversity, Maison Perrier-Jouët is pursuing the efforts it has undertaken in the past 10 years in its vineyards and is aiming to make a more comprehensive contribution  to the environment and the community at large.
Flowers are the House’s main source of inspiration in its attempts to create a sustainable future , a world in which the collective dimension is essential.

With Fill your world with wonder, Perrier-Jouët invites us to rediscover the importance of co-existing with other species to make our shared world a better place. This message reflects the actions that the House has undertaken in its vineyards over the past ten years to promote biodiversity. 

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