Discover How the House’s Artisans of the Wild Stayed Creative Throughout Quarantine

At Home with Andrea Mancuso



As the world went into lockdown in spring 2020 following the Coronavirus pandemic, Maison Perrier-Jouët’s Artisans of the Wild opened a virtual portal into their homes to share how they kept creative throughout quarantine with the At Home With series. Forming a dialogue from London to Paris, Milan to Mexico, each Artisan showed how they found inspiration at home to keep up their respective practice – ranging from dance to design – and how their communities came together to support key workers as well as each other.  




Italian designer and founder of Analogia Project Andrea Mancuso opened the doors to his home in Milan, where he revealed the treasures from his travels that inspire his narrative work, where to find nature in the heart of a deserted city and how to make gnocchi, just like his grandmother. 


At Home with Bethan Laura Wood

Artist and designer Bethan Laura Wood offered a glimpse into her London life, where her vibrant community found creative ways to celebrate and support health care workers. Back at home, the same extravagant spirit could be found on her dining table-turned-makeshift studio, where she swapped dinner guests for pens, paper and a cactus.

At Home with Blanca Li

Paris-based dancer and choreographer Blanca Li shared her varied daily schedule, starting with stretches and working on her VR dance project, before moving on to a wholesome homemade lunch with her family and plenty of playtime with her pets. From her balcony, bursting to life with plants, she showed her support for the health services and enjoyed nightly opera performances from her neighbour.

At Home with Laila Gohar

From Oaxaca, Mexico, culinary designer Laila Gohar sent a virtual postcard with updates about how she’s been using her time in lockdown to cook, collect rocks and reflect on how we can all take action to make positive changes to the world around us once life returns to normal.

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