Perrier- Jouët Partners with The Art of Plating


It can be difficult to describe the transcendent feeling of a meal that is expertly paired with libations and shared with friends or family. Pairing wine with food is by no means a new concept, but it is an art form that continues to evolve as culinary experts pour their creativity into restaurant concepts and build teams of hospitality professionals. There was a time when the chef had to play all roles…cook, sommelier, waiter, trainer, book keeper, but there is an air of prestige that is recognized in the industry universally now, which has allowed for specialized roles to be broadened and even celebrated. For the guest, this cultivates an environment that can be truly magical, and hopefully leaves them inspired to continue their journey of gastronomic discovery and hospitality in their own home.


Since its founding in 1811, Maison Perrier-Jouët has been profoundly influenced by its founders’ love for nature, art, and design. This passion is celebrated through the Art of the Meal, a pillar that recognizes the savoir-faire needed to craft wines with balance and freshness that augment the subtleties of each ingredient in a dish. It is through these pairings that the nuance of food and wine is discovered, creating an experience that goes beyond the expected.


In the spirit of supporting the rising talents of the epicurean and hospitality communities, Perrier-Jouët has partnered with The Art of Plating, a leading platform known for being a go-to source for creative culinary excellence, to present ‘Champagne Week,’ an exclusive digital series featuring some of the world’s most renowned names in wine, gastronomy and culture. Each Champagne Week Guest Expert will welcome viewers into their homes and share their expertise on how to host at home this Holiday season with a pop of Champagne.


Beginning Monday, December 7th through Friday, December 11th, ‘Champagne Week’ will feature talent including Sommelier Andrea Zigrossi, Designer Kristen Caissie, Chef Emma Bengtsson, Pastry Chef Thomas J. Raquel, and Florist Sophia Moreno-Bunge for an exclusive session on their individual crafts, paired with Perrier-Jouët’s renowned cuvées.

For more information and to tune in to ‘Champagne Week,’ please visit The Art of Plating’s website and follow @theartofplating on Instagram as they post new segments each day at 11:30am EST.


Monday – December 7, 2020
How to Drink Champagne w/ Andrea Zigrossi

Tuesday – December 8, 2020
Setting the Table w/ Kristen Caissie

Wednesday – December 9, 2020
How to Pair Scallops & Champagne w/ Emma Bengtsson

Thursday – December 10, 2020
Making a Rosé Champagne Dessert w/ Thomas Raquel

Friday – December 11, 2020
The Art of Gifting Champagne w/ Sophia Moreno-Bunge

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