Introducing a new collaboration with Mexican artist and designer

Fernando Laposse

Through this new artistic collaboration, Maison Perrier-Jouët offers a celebration of nature, that unique and precious force which connects all forms of life.
Blanc de Blancs - Fernando Laposse
Fernando Laposse
Fernando Laposse & Perrier-Jouët
With a history of botanical and winegrowing expertise dating back to 1811, Maison Perrier-Jouët strives to promote biodiversity in its vineyards. Measures such as installing beehives, planting trees and adopting a philosophy of regenerative viticulture have all helped the House to enrich biodiversity, with positive consequences for the vines.

In his creative work, Mexican artist and designer Fernando Laposse explores his profound connection to nature. By the sheer strength of his creative vision, design becomes a source of solutions. His is a creative, optimistic vision of nature, alive to the wonders of the world.

For this new collaboration with Maison Perrier-Jouët, Mexican designer Fernando Laposse has drawn inspiration from pollen, that precious substance which connects the plant and animal kingdoms in a cycle of constant renewal.

Fernando Laposse’s creations seek to capture the fleeting moment which defines the course of the year in the House’s vineyards: pollination.

Blanc de Blancs Ecobox
The Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs Ecobox is decorated with a radiant burst of yellow pollen and a flight of pollinating creatures, reflecting the vivacious character of this cuvée.
Limited Edition - Blanc de Blancs - Fernando Laposse
Belle Epoque Brut & 2 Flutes Gift Set
The precious pollen that adorns the 2015 Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut gift box evokes the pale golden hue of this prestigious cuvée.
Limited Edition - Belle Epoque - With 2 flutes
Belle Epoque Brut Cocoon
Belle Epoque Brut Cocoon label reveals a scene inspired by nature, reflecting the elegance of this rare vintage cuvée.
Belle Epoque Brut Cocoon Fernando Laposse
Belle Epoque Rosé Cocoon
A interpretation of Belle Epoque Rosé Cocoon focused on the key role played by flowers.
Belle Epoque Rosé Cocoon
Fernando Laposse Collaboration
Fernando Laposse
Pollen embodies the start of a new cycle, the all-important process of pollination.
Within his stylized cloud of pollen created for Maison Perrier-Jouët, designer Fernando Laposse has pieced together a remarkable ecosystem. A bee, a moth and a hummingbird all flit around the iconic Japanese anemones, the historic floral emblem of the House.
Art Piece Fernando Laposse
The Pollination Dance
An original artwork celebrating life through the fleeting moment of pollination
For Maison Perrier-Jouët, Fernando Laposse has conjured up an artistic universe where different species are interacting in a permanent dialogue, exploring their interdependency through time. Laposse approaches nature and its countless species as elements in a complex whole, existing in total symbiosis at the crucial yet ephemeral instant of pollination.
This brand-new installation, exhibited at the Design Miami International Contemporary Art Show, evokes a moment suspended in time, an invitation to contemplation.
Fernando Laposse Art Piece
The fleeting dance
A unique and monumental microcosm
To further extend the experience, Fernando Laposse has designed an exceptional piece: a hand-blown glass dome enveloping a microcosm of his installation « The fleeting dance » regrouping flowers, pollinators and pollen all 3D printed with an eco resin, Fernando being keen to combine art and sustainability.
It is also showcased at Design Miami, next to a 2008 Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque jeroboam specially selected from the House's wine Oenothèque, the whole regrouped into a cabined designed and made by Fernando Laposse in his studio in Mexico.
Fernando Laposse - The fleeting dance
Fernando Laposse - The fleeting dance

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