The Perfect Gift: Personalise your Ecobox with Bethan Laura Wood

Ecobox edition limitee Bethan Wood
Ecobox Perrier Jouet Bethan Wood

The Perfect Gift: PersonAlise your Ecobox with Bethan Laura Wood 


Maison Perrier-Jouët continues its collaboration with designer Bethan Laura Wood, who was given a wild card to revisit the Ecobox, its recently launched eco-designed giftbox. Originally designed in pure matte white to evoke the chalky subsoil of the Champagne region, is now back in a colourful and vibrant version to make that gifting moment even more special. 

Unleash your creativity by discovering how to personalise your sustainable gift from the comfort of your home. 


 I defined a color palette specifically for Perrier-Jouët, based on the bright colors of HyperNature and those used more than a century ago by Emile Gallé in his creations. I wanted to return these colours to the flowers he designed in 1902 for Perrier-Jouët. 



Bethan Laura Wood Ecobox


An expression of the creative freedom of Perrier-Jouët and the British artist, this limited edition Ecobox reconciles quality and environmental commitment, remaining true to the founding philosophy of the House and its symbiotic relationship with nature.


The Ecobox is part of Perrier-Jouët's global commitment to nature at every stage of the production of its champagnes, from the vine to the finished product. Designed and developed in France, the Ecobox is entirely recyclable, made from 100% natural fibers from FSC certified forests. With a weight reduced by 30% compared to the previous box, the Ecobox reduces the impact on the environment.


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