Séverine Frerson

Blessed with an acute aesthetic sensibility and the precision of a master craftswoman, meet Maison Perrier-Jouët’s eighth cellar master.

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An illustrious lineage

Cellar Master

When she took over the reins from Hervé Deschamps in 2020, Séverine Frerson became just the 8th cellar master in Maison Perrier-Jouët’s 200-year history. Born and raised amid the vines of the Champagne region, Séverine has a clear vision of her mission as cellar master: to preserve and perpetuate the House’s signature

The unique feel of Perrier-Jouët

The work of a cellar master demands a rare combination of artistic brio and scientific precision, meticulously selecting the finest wines and blending them with patience and flair. Since taking over as cellar master, Séverine Frerson has achieved a deft balance of continuity and creativity, perpetuating the House’s noble traditions while also delivering thrilling new expressions of its signature floral style.

Séverine Frerson’s unique approach to winemaking places great emphasis on texture and touch, a sense she has honed to perfection over the course of her career, to such an extent that it is almost as important as her finely-tuned sense of smell.

What makes Perrier-Jouët unique is the sheer complexity of our distinctive floral aromas – sometimes delicate, sometimes more vibrant, but always irreproachably elegant.
Severine Frerson - Portrait

Elegance and excellence at Maison Belle

Séverine Frerson’s artistry is on full display at Maison Belle Epoque, an elegant manor house in the heart of Epernay which contains one of Europe’s finest collections of Art Nouveau.

It is also home to a sumptuous restaurant, designed to embody the elegance and excellence of Maison Perrier-Jouët.  But what really sets Maison Belle Epoque apart from other high-flying gastronomic offerings is the intense creative partnership between the restaurant’s prestigious chefs and Perrier-Jouët’s cellar master.  

Dinner Maison Belle Epoque
Champagne Gastronomy

The art of food-wine pairings

The seven-course tasting menu is co-signed by Sébastien Morellon and Michelin-starred culinary legend Pierre Gagnaire, working in close collaboration with Sévérine Frerson to dream up perfect food pairings for each of the house’s signature cuvées. Together they strive to showcase the wines of Perrier-Jouët in the best conditions imaginable, ensuring that the flavours in the dishes complement and elevate the inimitable qualities of the wines.

This collaboration has produced some truly mouth-watering results, with audacious yet astute pairings such as Belle Epoque Rosé 2013 served with beef tenderloin and frosted raspberries, or Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2012 paired with langoustine, apple and green curry.

At Maison Belle Epoque, the dishes are designed to complement the champagne, and not the other way around.
Séverine Frerson
Harvest Belle Epoque
Séverine Frerson

Since the very beginning, Maison Perrier-Jouët has existed in symbiosis with nature. Séverine Frerson is well aware that adapting to climate change and moving towards more sustainable winemaking practices will be two of the most significant challenges of her tenure as cellar master.

Considerable progress has been made in recent years, and the house has made some strong commitments: eliminating all herbicides from the vineyards, protecting biodiversity and attaining sustainable viticulture certification. The house’s carbon footprint has been slashed by 55% over the past decade, 100% of vinification by-products are recycled and the iconic green bottles are now made with 85% recycled glass.

Under Sévérine Frerson’s guidance Maison Perrier-Jouët will continue to lead by example, facing the challenges of the future with her characteristic passion, energy and creativity.

severine frerson


Séverine Frerson

Séverine Frerson is the 8th cellar master in Maison Perrier-Jouët’s 200-year history, a prestigious post which work demands a rare combination of artistic brio and scientific precision. Sévérine draws upon her extensive expertise and finely-tuned senses to craft the House’s signature cuvées and dream up new and exciting culinary pairings.
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