IYO Restaurant Milan
IYO Restaurant Milan
IYO Restaurant Milan
IYO Restaurant Milan


Opened in Milan in 2007, IYO Taste Experience is a Japanese restaurant with an international twist. Traditional Japanese cuisine serves as the foundation of IYO dishes, which is then filtered through Western cooking techniques, merging Asian precision with European flair.


There are two tasting menus, or omakase (which literally translates to “let me do it”). The I Classici di IYO menu consists of stand-out recipes devised by the restaurant, tracing back to its foundations in 2007 right up to its most recent creations. The Faccio IYO menu centers around a seasonal approach. With such an international clientele, it’s no surprise that the drinks menu reflects favourites from around the world, too: an extensive wine selection, over 45 sakes, quality whiskeys, liquors and spirits and, of course, a choice of teas. Light, elegant, international and contemporary: the key characteristics of IYO.




Via Piero della Francesca 74, 20154 Milano
+39 02 4547 6898

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