Champagne’s uniqueness

There are a number of things which set the wines of Champagne apart from all others. First and foremost, the exacting criteria laid down by the French Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) and European Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) systems. Champagne is made in accordance with a strict set of technical specifications. Champagne can only be made in the Champagne region, on specific terroirs, and each Champagne House must meticulously adhere to the different steps in the production process.

Harvest Chardonnay

The origins

The Champagne appellation is thus founded upon two pillars: the inimitable natural characteristics of the Champagne soils, and the historic expertise of those who craft these exceptional wines.

Vineyards in Autumn

The terroir, the birthplace of champagne

The terroir (Champagne vines must be planted in one of the 319 villages recognized with Cru, Premier Cru or Grand Cru status) and the grape varieties used (seven varieties are permitted by the Appellation) also exert a considerable influence over the qualities of the Champagne. 

The subtle nuances which set different cuvées apart are the fruit of choices made in the winegrowing and winemaking processes, reflecting the distinctive style of each Champagne House, preserved and perpetuated by their respective cellar masters.


Our House, our style

From the way the vines are pruned to determining the precise moment when the bottles are ready to be sealed, Séverine Frerson is responsible for perpetuating the delicate, floral style of Perrier-Jouët champagnes. A style bequeathed to posterity by the founders of the House, Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose-Adélaïde Jouët, a young couple united by their love of nature and their passion for Champagne.

Perfecting the harvest

The origins of this style can be traced back to 1811, when they made the bold decision to make Chardonnay - which was rarely used in those days, since it is difficult to cultivate - the signature grape variety of Perrier-Jouët Champagne.

Cuvée after cuvée, that trademark Chardonnay flourish has become the instantly-recognizable hallmark of the House’s champagnes;
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