Jeroen Achtien

The partnership between Perrier-Jouët and Jeroen Achtien was born of a shared passion for nature and art, craftsmanship and pure emotion. Maison Perrier-Jouët is proud to count Chef Achtien amongst its gastronomic collaborators, illustrious ambassadors of our inimitable style.

Jeroen Achtien

Cuisine inspired by

nature’s innate harmony

Jeroen Achtien is a chef profoundly in tune with nature, drawing inspiration as well as ingredients from the world around him. During his five years as head chef of Sens, nestled in the breath-taking Swiss Alps on the banks of Lake Lucerne, this love of nature has had ample opportunity to blossom and thrive.
Jeroen Achtien

Instant affinity

It was here, in search of inspiration, that Jeroen first encountered the champagnes of Perrier-Jouët, and felt an instant affinity for the House’s distinctive floral style. His innovative creative vision proved to be a natural match with the identity and philosophy of Perrier-Jouët, not least because ingenious, harmonious use of fermentation is one of his culinary calling cards, offering a neat parallel with the alchemy of champagne-making.
Above all, Jeroen Achtien and Maison Perrier-Jouët share a commitment to elegance and a profound love of nature, an endless source of inspiration
Jeroen Achtien
Jeroen Achtien
Banquet of Nature - Jeroen Achtien

The Banquet of Nature

It was this natural affinity which prompted Maison Perrier-Jouët to extend an exclusive invitation to Chef Achtien, the challenge of hosting the latest incarnation of the House’s exclusive Banquet of Nature dining experience.

In taking on the Banquet of Nature, Jeroen Achtien followed in the footsteps of legendary chef and fellow Perrier-Jouët ambassador Pierre Gagnaire, with whom he shares an intuitive understanding of the unrivalled ability of food and champagne pairings to create moments of sheer emotion.

The Banquet of Nature is a unique gastronomic concept, drawing inspiration from the sensory wonders of the natural world to create experiences and connections between people, but also between people and nature. The menu designed by Jeroen Achtien has more than lived up to this ambitious brief, creating a true ode to nature which embraces and amplifies the qualities of the House’s signature cuvées.

Jeroen Achtien

Jeroen Achtien and the timeless spirit of Art Nouveau

Located at Hotel Vitznauerhof on the banks of Lake Lucerne, Sens proved to be a home away from home for the champagnes of Perrier-Jouët: the stylistic nods to Art Nouveau found throughout the hotel, and the natural splendour of the surroundings, are like so many echoes of the House’s spiritual home in Epernay.

Art Nouveau, an aesthetic fusion of nature and art, is a central element in the history of Maison Perrier-Jouët. Its devotion to craftsmanship and elegance, and of course the omnipresent floral motifs, are hallmarks shared by Perrier-Jouët champagnes and Jeroen Achtien’s nature-infused

Jeroen Achtien


Jeroen Achtien

Jeroen served his apprenticeship in some of the country’s most illustrious dining establishments, spending eight years under the tutelage of Dutch culinary icon Jonnie Boer. In 2018 he moved to Switzerland, where he rapidly achieved widespread renown for his work at the Sens restaurant at Hotel Vitznauerhof. Later this year he will return to the Netherlands to take up the reins as head chef at the prestigious Manoir Inter Scaldes, opening up an exciting new chapter in his incredible career.
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