Maduro Jazz Lounge Tokyo 2
ペリエ ジュエを愉しめる場所 「Maduro」 グランドハイアット東京
Maduro Jazz Lounge Tokyo 3
Maduro Jazz Lounge Tokyo 4



Dramatic night once you enter into the door - Maduro is the jazz lounge for people who are mature and chic. Watching the fluttering fire in the gas lamp and glass partition, you get unforgettable memories in this lounge. You can taste our signature cocktail - a mojito and other cocktails. Please enjoy rare whisky with cigar in the twilight time. Tapas and dessert are other joys in this lounge. Have a special night with music played by foreign artists.


〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City,
Roppongi, 6 Chome−10−3 Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 4th floor
+81 3 4333 8783

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