How to Throw an Unforgettable

New Year's Eve Party

Intro to the article, which is about throwing an eventful, enjoyable NYE party your guests will remember all year and beyond.  


Choose the right venue

Discuss entertaining at home vs renting out a venue, such as a bar. Discuss what considerations might go into this, such as home size, number of people.  


Festive New Year’s Eve décor

Explain that the décor should match the high-energy, festive mood and give pointers for what to pick.  

Discuss other NYE specifics, such as picking a theme and getting props to ring in the new year, such as hats and noisemakers.  

Curate your music 

Explain that the music should also match the mood (whether you’re hiring a band, DJ, or supplying your own playlist) and keep guests dancing all night. Give tips for accomplishing this. 

Roast chicken, creamy roasted polenta with Parmesan, raw and cooked turnips

Think about food and drinks

Invite readers to consider what kind of food they will serve (whether catered or homemade). Mention that a party with dancing, etc. may go best with small plates and suggest some options.  

Provide guidance on keeping the drinks flowing throughout the night.  

Plan a Champagne toast

Let the reader know that the countdown and toast is the climax of the night. Provide guidance for setting up an unforgettable Champagne toast.  

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How to serve Champagne

Cover how to serve champagne and when to pour if you’re planning to toast at midnight. 

How to store Champagne

Cover how to store Champagne before the party and what to do with any extra Champagne after.
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