A Guide to Celebrating

The Holidays at Home

Reenchant your year-end celebrations by fostering a quieter and more enjoyable gathering in the comfort of your home. It's also the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care by presenting them with exceptional gifts, tailored to each individual.


This alternative holiday experience at home promises a sense of grounding and a genuine appreciation for the enchanting moments the season has to offer. Surround yourself with those you feel most connected to, whether family or friends. 

Maison Perrier-Jouët accompanies you in preparing these enchanting moments by sharing its guide for celebrating the holidays at home.


Let the décor match the mood

The holiday season is a conducive time for creating unique and memorable moments, and the decor plays an essential role in this experience. It has the power to enchant the celebration, infuse a particular magic, and make every moment unforgettable. The ambiance created by the decor must be carefully considered to align with the atmosphere one wishes to establish with the guests present.

By tending to the details of the decor, one can transform the space into a setting filled with warmth, elegance, and festivity. Whether through sparkling lights, seasonal color accents, or unique decorative elements, each choice contributes to creating an exceptional ambiance. It's an opportunity to unleash creativity and personalize the space to reflect one's own style and the spirit of the holidays.
Opt for elegant champagne bottles to complement your decor. Bottles from the Belle Epoque collection are adorned with Japanese anemones, echoing the close connection between Maison Perrier-Jouet and Art Nouveau. These cuvées will add a floral touch to your enchanting ambiance. This poetic and natural universe is presented by Perrier-Jouët with its campaign “Fill your world with wonder' to promote biodiversity."

Provide games and entertainment

Create an exceptional experience by inviting your guests to blind taste the champagnes from the House and guess the flavors and notes of the different cuvées:

Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs

Perrier-Jouët Belle Blanc de Blancs champagne reveals the essence of Chardonnay with aromas of white flowers and white-fleshed fruits. During the tasting, you'll notice a silky and elegant finish.

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé champagne brings its aromas of red fruits and peonies to your nose. On the palate, you will be transported by delicate notes of pink grapefruit and tangerine combined with brioche.

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut champagne reveals notes of Vogue peaches, poached pears, and tangy rhubarb during tasting. On the nose, you will recognize its aromas of lime and hawthorn fruits and flowers.

Unleash your imagination by personalizing the elegant and sustainable eco-designed gift boxes. You can color or draw on these charming packages.


Have a champagne toast

No holiday party is complete without a champagne toast. Toasting is a tradition that has seemingly been around forever, but where did it come from? Some historians believe it dates back to the 6th century BC in Greece, as a gesture of thanksgiving to the gods.
Maison Perrier-Jouët accompanies you in this tradition with its champagnes that are both delicate and complex. The Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs champagne is the ideal companion for exceptional celebrations. Its exquisite taste and elegance add a touch of refinement to any festivity, making each moment truly unforgettable.


Serve hors d’oeuvres

and appettizers

Allow your desires to express themselves, reconsider traditions, and craft your unique interpretation of the holidays. There's no need to strictly follow the conventional seated meal around a table with your guests.

In keeping with a more informal celebration, hors d’oeuvres and charcuterie boards are an excellent way to serve your guests.The perfect charcuterie board should include sweets like fruits, jams and chutneys. Savory elements like nuts, olives and crackers should also be present. Of course, meats are often the main attraction, so be sure to include salami, prosciutto and capriccio.

Finally, a delightful assortment of cheeses is essential to offer to your guests. Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Brut champagne pairs perfectly with noble cheeses such as mature comté, cheddar, and goat cheese. The House of Perrier-Jouët shares its expertise on these pairings with you.

The pairing of Perrier-Jouët's Belle Epoque Brut champagne with Comté, a cheese with a complex taste and multiple aromas, creates a harmonious gastronomic experience due to their complementary flavor profiles. The creamy texture and slightly nutty flavor of this cheese blend well with the liveliness of the champagne bubbles, resulting in a balanced combination on the palate.

The sophisticated pairing of this wine with mature cheddar will tantalize your taste buds. The slightly salty and rich notes of the cheddar are balanced by this cuvée from the House of Perrier-Jouët. To complete our cheese selection, we recommend goat cheese. This product is both fresh and light. The champagne, rich and vibrant, paired with this cheese, will offer a refined and enjoyable taste experience.

Perrier-Jouët also shares its expertly crafted recipes to complement your meal and delight your guests.

The following recipes from Michelin three-star Chef Pierre Gagnaire are excellent for holiday celebrations and pair perfectly with a variety of our champagnes:

Gaya Oysters

The vibrant flavors and vivacious acidity of Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs provide the perfect complement to this elegant aperitif’s flavors of zesty lime, fragrant coriander and sweet banana combined with the richness of mascarpone cheese.

Girolle mushrooms, apricots, fresh

This elegant dish artfully combines girolles mushrooms, apricots and fresh almonds and pairs perfectly with the subtlety and elegance of our Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé.

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