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A shared vision of nature in all its diversity, and the place occupied by Man
Garance Vallée - Portrait
Garance Vallée - limited edition
In Champagne, a natural connection was formed
For Garance Vallée, “Man is in nature, and nature is in Man” – a notion that echoes the relationship of symbiosis with nature cultivated by Maison Perrier-Jouët since 1811.

Garance Vallée’s creations for the House are a reinterpretation of the ecosystem of the Champagne vineyard. Represented by organic forms that create a universal language tending towards abstraction, plant, animal and mineral life forms become one – a single nature in which they are united in symbiosis, with no hierarchy.

Questioning our sensibility to the living world

An artist, architect and designer based in Paris, Garance Vallée explores the place of man in his environment and his reconciliation with nature. She breaks with the constraints of architectural conception to envision a multi-dimensional, decompartmentalised universe. From painting to drawing, sculpture to architecture and installations, her organic works evolve naturally, testifying to the importance she attaches to experimentation and the experience of the body in space.

The artist draws her inspiration from all living forms, which animate her holistic approach. For Maison Perrier-Jouët, she shares her vision of one nature, in which all life forms are united in symbiosis, to the point of forming a single entity.
Garance Vallée - Collaboration
With Séverine Frerson, I came to realise the long timescale of champagne. It is the time of nature, of savoir-faire. Her words, evoking the world I work in, fired my imagination and my creativity.
Garance Vallée

Limited Edition

Limite Edition - Garance Vallée

Limited Edition

Garance Vallée’s discovery of the richness of the House vineyard provided the inspiration for this limited edition of the Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs cuvée. A reflection of the artist’s vision of nature, this composition of organic forms demonstrates the continuity of life forms which constitute a single whole, arranged in a gradation from the earth to the sky. All entities – mineral, plant and animal – coexist in harmony, in identical proportions, highlighting the equal role each plays in the balance of the ecosystem of the Champagne region.
Garance Vallée - presentation Blanc de Blancs

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