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Perrier Jouet - Champagne Collection - Blason Rosé - Characteristics


The true character of rosé, the gourmets' choice

A champagne that blends freshness and intensity. An exquisite delicacy in the floral, stylish and diamond-cut style of the House of Perrier-Jouët.


The Blason Rosé is graced with a luminous rose colour, shot through with glints of pale orange. Its fine, lively and persistent sparkle lends it an intense freshness.


Pomegranates, pears, apricots, blood oranges, the fragrances of mature red fruits... a juicy and generous blend that gives way to notes of biscuit, butter and pastries. The delicate character of white flowers remains throughout. The Blason Rosé is an intense and balanced champagne.

Blackcurrant buds, pear, apricots and cherry plum emerge first, only to give way to the fragrances of blackcurrant and blood oranges, followed by notes of crème de cassis, raspberry, honeysuckle and roses, culminating in lime, blackberries and Morello cherries.


With its sharp and strong sensation, the Blason Rosé is a supple and complex wine. Rich and long in the mouth.

A gourmet champagne, with the authentic character of a rosé, which will perfectly express its multiple flavours if served between 9 and 11°.

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Perrier Jouet - Champagne Collection - Blason Rosé - Expert Opinions

Expert opinions

"Succulent strawberry flavours give a round, supple richness… The finish is perfumed with red fruit, ending bright and sweet without any candied character.

Mouthwatering and complete, this is a delicious rosé to serve with shrimp tempura."  

Wine & Spirits Magazine, December 2012.


-Gold medal at the International Wine Challenge 
-Gold medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards 
-Platinum medal at the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition

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Perrier Jouet - Champagne Collection - Blason Rosé - Beauting

Beauting: Food pairing
by Perrier-Jouët

A voluptuous insolence

The Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé cuvée is at once sensual and voluptuous, fresh and intense.

Its manifold subtleties will best reveal themselves with the generous flavours of a lightly cooked salmon, or be brought out by an accompaniment that combines the aromas of red fruits and the freshness of baby carrots, tomatoes or sorrel sauce.

Desserts with red fruits are a perfect match. Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries on a cloud of white chocolate cream, adorning an exquisite tartlet, will heighten the seductive and fruity aromas of this voluptuous and sensual cuvée.

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Perrier Jouet - Champagne Collection - Blason Rosé - Wine Making Notes

Wine making notes

The heritage of a cuvée

The Blason Rosé Perrier-Jouët is the direct heir of the Blasons de France series, popular with food lovers everywhere.

The Blason Rosé is a wine characterised by its distinctive flavour, power and roundness. Hervé Deschamps, true to the creative and craft traditions handed down by the Perrier-Jouët Cellar Master, executes the composition in one combined effort, with no pre-composition. Testing the vats one by one, he selects around thirty wines to make up the composition of the Blason Rosé, in a constant quest for perfection and balance.

The Cellar Master seeks ampleness and structure in this cuvée, in search of a gastronomic blend which must nevertheless retain a certain freshness. A marriage which demands the precision of a specialist in order to bring out the elegance of style that is the hallmark of Perrier-Jouët champagne.

For the Blason Rosé, Hervé Deschamps opted for the red wines of Aÿ and Vincelles (12 to 15%), rather than the powerful pinots of the south Montagne terroirs such as Bouzy. The Blason Rosé is thus the cuvée with the greatest proportion of pinots, including 50% pinot noir and 25% meunier. The elegance and liveliness of chardonnay make up the remaining 25%.

Dosage: 10g/l - Cellar aged for more than twice the time required by the appellation.

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65 hectares, ranked at 99.2% on the scale of grands crus, and 5 of the most important wines, without which this exceptional champagne could not exist.

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