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The First Ephemeral Champagne Cuvée

A champagne vintage exclusively dedicated to spring.


A unique peach tint due to the presence of Pinot Noir macerated in the press.


A delicate spring bouquet dominated by the aromas of white flowers (elderflower), yellow fruit (peach), citrus flavours (Yuzu zest) and notes of red fruit such as cherries and Morello cherries.


A fresh and lively attack, with a metallic, iodized hint and a light acidity. Its final rounded note is ample and generous.


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the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Première 2010

Beauting: Food pairing
by Perrier-Jouët

The Garden Party Muse

In 1902, Emile Gallé designed a delicate spray of anemones to be engraved on the prestigious cuvées of Perrier-Jouët Champagnes. The House has remained loyal to this artistic heritage ever since. The same tradition gave rise to Beauting: a vision of gastronomy which embraces Beauty and Good Food, turning each dish into a work of art, in perfect harmony with each cuvée. A unique sensory experience and a feast for the eye and the palate alike.

This limited edition spring cuvée is the perfect marriage of the good and the beautiful.

Refreshing and floral, it will prove to be the muse of every garden party and the ideal companion to light and delicate dishes; such as citrus sea bass carpaccio, crab with marigold flowers, or even a courgette maki with Brousse cheese, lime, Morello cherries, and spiced salt as well as citrus accented desserts.

A unique sensorial experience embodied as a rare cuvée, in limited edition only, just like spring…

Explore the Beauting of
the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Première 2010

Wine making notes

The Spring Cuvée

Since its foundation in 1811, Perrier-Jouët House of Champagne has been nourished by authenticity, elegance and a real passion for nature.

True to this philosophy, the Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps has drawn his inspiration from the promising beauty of nature and the delicate scents of the Maison Belle Epoque garden, Perrier-Jouët’s historical house, in order to create the f irst ephemeral cuvée from the Champagne region; a rare and elegant vintage cuvée, to taste exclusively this coming spring…

In true artisan style, Hervé Deschamps fashioned the cuvee Belle Epoque Edition Première as he would compose a spring bouquet. The expression of a single year, this wine gives special importance to Chardonnay Grands Crus (90%), selected for their elegance, freshness and vivacity, married with the delicacy, body and suppleness of macerated Pinots Noirs (10%), principally from the commune of Vertus, the only village of the Côte des Blancs to produce a red wine.

Floral, stylish, and diamond-cut, the cuvée Belle Epoque Edition Première achieves the ideal balance between a vintage wine and the constant elegance of the Perrier-Jouët style.

On the nose, delicate hints of juicy yellow fruit, lemon, the zest of Yuzu and citrus fruits and the dominant scent of white elderflowers evoke the ephemeral period of blossoming that the Japanese call Hanami; it is a veritable bouquet of ripe fruit and floral aromas that harmonises with the first mineral and metallic accents of powdered chalk and flint. On the palate, it has a fresh and lively attack, followed by a final rounded note, ample and generous.

Matured for at least 5 years in the cellars of the House.

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the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Première 2010
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