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Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon 2016 main visual

‘Weaving with Light’ - First Solo Exhibition of Rita Parniczky
Winner of the 2016 Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize

“Rita was a clear winner for the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon - a great example of how wonderfully crafted, and thoughtful use of a fresh medium can encapsulate a modern expression of Art Nouveau,” said Jo Hooper, Chair of the Arts Salon for 2016


Curated by Arts Salon Member, Julia Royse, the exhibition will be presented at London’s leading gallery for British Craft, Contemporary Applied Arts from 24th June – 30th July 2016. CAA was established in 1948 to support and encourage the making of fine crafts in Britain – and to keep them firmly in the public eye.

The exhibition will showcase how Rita masters the passage and play of light in her installations of translucent textiles. In exposing the structure of woven material, her stunning work recalls the structures hidden within organic and architectural forms, evoking a contemporary interpretation of the dynamic, curved and flowing lines intrinsic to the Art Nouveau era.

Rita is known for her intriguing textile creations, each one uniquely hand woven on her Leclerc loom in her London studio. These innovative textiles glow and transform when exposed to natural or artificial light, according to the angle and source of illumination.

Parniczky will introduce us to her extraordinary woven textiles that are displayed as hanging screens as well as framed and sculptural works. Pieces from the ‘X-Ray Series’, created for her graduate show in 2009 at Central St Martins College, will be shown alongside more recent creations and the premiere of a new piece.

Contemporary Applied Arts - June 4th - July 30th
89 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0HX 020 7620 0086

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