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Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon announces 2015 prize winner
Marcin Rusak

We are proud to announce the winner of the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize 2015, Marcin Rusak. Marcin is a multidisciplinary designer and artist interested in ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics


Specialising in storytelling, process and material investigation, Marcin’s work often incorporates research, object and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details of our lives when recreated and reimagined are shown again in a different light.  Marcin said, "It is an honour to be selected for the inspiring Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize. I am thrilled that my work has been appreciated by the valued members of the Salon who are from a diverse creative community. It is an incredible opportunity to further develop my ideas and techniques with the kind support of the grant and present new work to the greater public.”  

  The Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon, made up of 20 of the UK’s foremost creative influencers, is now in its third year. This year, multi-award-winning international stage designer, Es Devlin and director of Craft Space, Deirdre Figueiredo have been welcomed into the group of inspirational leaders in the fields of Applied Arts and Craft and took part in the lively debate about the prize nominees at Rosewood London. Marcin rusak’s solo exhibition will launch to the public on 25 June 2015 at Contemporary Applied Arts, London and will run until 2 August 2015. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to admire Marcin Rusak’s exhibition as well as the existing collection of fine artworks within the Contemporary Applied Arts.

Marcin Rusak Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize Winner

Marcin Rusak's creative work

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