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Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert Vision Statement for Perrier-Jouët’s ‘Human Nature’ Installation at the V&A,
London Design Festival,
13 – 21 September 2014

Inspired by the values of the boutique House of Champagne Perrier-Jouët, glassmaker and designer Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert has a vision to create a simple and beautiful artistic piece that will reflect the strong connection with nature which is part of the Maison's core DNA.


Jeremy has drawn inspiration from visiting the Maison in Epernay which houses the largest private Art Nouveau collection in Europe as well as from leading Art Nouveau protagonist Emile Gallé. In this vein Jeremy has been inspired by Gallé’s passion for nature to create his 'Human Nature' installation as a modern vision of what Gallé intended to do 100 years ago; bring nature into our daily lives. To create his installation Jeremy has drawn on tradition and has teamed up with mouth-blown glass factory Lamberts Glas in Germany who are most famous for using 300 year old techniques to create stained glass, a dying craft but one which Jeremy is keen to promote.

Comprising a series of large scale coloured glass cylinders displayed within the built interior of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the work will take you on a journey through colour drawing on the broader cyclical nature of life as expressed in the round forms of the glass reflected in the creation of champagne from vine to bottle.  ‘Human Nature’ is inspired by that quest of making beautiful simple forms in collaboration with the spaces we find ourselves in. The 'Human Nature' installation will directly connect with Perrier-Jouët's own philosophy, drawing people in with its colour and simple elegance allowing them to ponder life's unexpected beauty and values.  ‘Human Nature’ will be shown in the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the V&A as part of the London Design Festival, 13 – 21 September 2014.

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