perrier jouet limited editions

Perrier-Jouët presenta ‘small discoveries by mischer’traxler’ la última edición limitada de belle epoque 2007

Con el Art Nouveau como fuente de inspiración, ‘Small Discoveries by Mischer’Traxler’ refleja la belleza de la naturaleza dando vida a unas delicadas y blancas mariposas que revoletean en torno a las anémonas blancas

A bottle adorned with mysterious butterflies to celebrate the 2007 Vintage Belle Epoque Cuvée. A white lacquered pencil case slide top gift box to cradle a bottle of the Cuvée Grand Brut. Perrier-Jouët playfully enchants the dinner tables of the festive season. mischer'traxler reinterprets the language of Art Nouveau, swirling lines inspired by the living shapes of nature—and its philosophy: to imbue the useful with beauty and the everyday with poetry.

The two cuvées match each other as perfect partners in a flavourful dialogue: Belle Epoque Vintage 2007 is perfect for a romantic lovers’ Christmas, a stylish,fashionable soirée or a gorgeously dreamy family lunch, while Grand Brut is the obvious choice for an aperitif and the festivities that follow: a magical dinner party or a scintillating New Year’s revelry. The occasions for enjoying both cuvées, or making gifts of these two original creations, are plentiful. The choices balance each other ; the harmony of Perrier-Jouët always remains.