A masterpiece of voluptuous elegance.
Like a diamond.
Exquisite finesse.

belle epoque 1985 bottle



The Art of the Vintage according to Perrier-Jouët: elegance and finesse.

Pierre-Nicolas Perrier married Adèle Jouët in 1811 in Epernay, where they set up home. Ever since, the House has refused to compromise, going as far as to abandon production altogether in years of poor harvest. A number of wines from remarkable years have been selected and consigned to the silence of the cellars. And while each of these vintages has a distinctive character all of its own, they all without exception illustrate the excellence of the Perrier-Jouët vineyards. 65 hectares, ranked at 99.2% on the scale of qualitative wines, boasting the finest chardonnays on the Côte des Blancs. Exceptional vineyards, situated in "Champagne's magic triangle", mid-slope, facing South-Southeast. An exceptional location that lends the chardonnays great maturity, with generous aromas of white flowers and a subtly lingering bouquet.

The Belle Epoque cuvée is the authentic expression of its quality. Its freshness, elegance and subtle floral accents echo the spray of white anemones on its bottle, designed by Emile Gallé in 1902.

The vineyards have been passed down from generation to generation, enhanced by the expertise of the House. Hervé Deschamps, the 7th Cellar Master of the House of Perrier-Jouët fashions and sculpts each cuvée in time-honoured tradition, with extreme precision, testing each wine in turn, composing his creations in the process and thus bringing out the elegance and finesse of the floral, stylish and diamond-cut style that is the hallmark of the House.

In 1985, a harsh winter blighted the vineyards, but the splendid summer and autumn, plus a dose of patience, rescued a harvest that was as modest as it was superb. Fresh and elegant chardonnays, supple and generous 
pinots noirs, charming and fruity pinots meuniers were blended into an exceptionally wrought wine, in the purest Belle Epoque style, combining the grands crus typical of the cuvée: 50% chardonnays (Cramant, Avize, le Mesnil/Oger, Vertus and Chouilly); 45% pinots noirs (Aÿ, Ambonnay, Bouzy, Mailly, Verzenay, Verzy, Chigny les Roses); 5% pinot meunier (Dizy, Hautvillers, Damery, Venteuil and Vincelles).

A prestigious wooden presentation casket, engraved with the iconic anemone and the vintage year, serves as the perfect showcase for this rare wine.

Penetrate the secret of two hundred years of Perrier-Jouët heritage.



All the finesse and elegance of the Perrier-Jouët style, enhanced by years spent maturing in the cellar.

For the first time since its foundation in 1811, 
the House of Perrier-Jouët has opened its doors to reveal some rare vintages, previously kept under a veil of near secrecy in its cellars. Hervé Deschamps has selected a few bottles from the Belle Époque cuvée that are now almost impossible to find: 1982, 1985 and 1996. They have lost none of their authenticity down the years and are a testament to a unique and unwavering style, renowned for its floral elegance and diamond-cut aromas.

 “Unveiling these wines means sharing with others what I felt when creating them. These wines tell a story rich in human emotion.”

Hervé Deschamps, Cellar Master


This vintage is graced with a delicately gilded robe, adorned with a thread of fine bubbles.


The nose unveils the wine's elegance and profound aromatic riches. Aromas of sweet tea leaves, mild tobacco and brioche bread unfurl, blended with the fragrance of stewed and dried fruits, candied lemons and ginger. These then make way for the aromas of spiced bread, apple pie, honey and caramel, culminating in a toasty flourish.


A model of balance and harmony which unveils its freshness and roundness in the mouth, as generous as it is voluptuous, before attaining the perfect balance in a long finish.

"An exceptional gem: from its setting to its precious stones. A bejewelled creation that defies time."

Hervé Deschamps, Cellar Master

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A masterpiece which reveals its subtlety when accompanied by strong flavours.

In 1902, Emile Gallé designed a delicate spray of anemones to be engraved on the prestigious cuvées of Perrier-Jouët champagnes. The House has remained loyal to this artistic heritage ever since. The same tradition gave rise to Beauting: a vision of gastronomy which embraces Beauty and Good Food, turning each dish into a work of art, in perfect harmony with each cuvée. A unique sensory experience and a feast for the eye and the palate alike.

The perfect balance of elegance and voluptuousness that characterises this rare vintage will express its manifold qualities best if complemented with sweetbreads cooked with morels. A Chateaubriand steak in Périgord sauce with an accompaniment of truffled mashed potatoes will unveil its harmony to the fullest.

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