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Champagne Perrier - Jouët - Arts & Crafts News - Makoto Azuma

Belle Epoque Florale Edition
by Makoto Azuma

With this airy arabesque dotted with Japanese anemones, echoing
Emile Gallé's design, Makoto Azuma has fashioned a highly
delicate composition, homage to the colourful world of Perrier-Jouët.

True to its artistic heritage, Perrier-Jouët upholds a philosophy driven by a taste for fine craftsmanship... and inspired by nature. The Japanese art of floral composition illustrates the link between Man and his environment. The idea of collaboration with Makoto Azuma, a renowned Japanese floral artist, thus spoke for itself. Surrounded by white flowers and foliage from Japan, Makoto Azuma began by paying tribute to the iconic anemone of Emile Gallé. Then, inspired by the aromas concealed in a champagne flute, the artist produced a three-dimensional frame in which he suspended his flowers. Finally, patiently, by constantly rearranging the curves and tendrils, Makoto Azuma created a perfect work of balanced and tiny details. The work appears on the white box set of the limited edition of the Belle Époque 2004 cuvée and again on the bottle in a subtle reinterpretation.

Thus, in an astonishing dialogue, despite the century separating them, the work of both artists is united in this bottle, which celebrates the coolness, elegance and the floral accents of the Belle Epoque cuvée. In 2002 Makoto Azuma opened an "haute couture" floral design workshop. In 2009, he expanded his activities with the creation of the experimental laboratory known as the Azuma Makoto Botanical Research Institute, the purpose of which was designed to explore the infinite potential of plants. Revealing the uniqueness of flowers and plants, their nobility and mystery, and elevating them to the status of works of art – such is the philosophy that the artist expresses in his stunning creations, linking this ancestral Japanese art with a vision that is both highly personal and resolutely contemporary.

Champagne Perrier-Jouët - Arts & Crafts - Makoto AZUMA - A tribute to

Tribute to émile Gallé's anemone

Champagne Perrier-Jouët - Arts & Crafts - Makoto AZUMA - A three dimensional frame

The three-dimensional frame

Champagne Perrier-Jouët - Arts & Crafts - Makoto AZUMA - White japanese anemones

the white japanese anemone

Champagne Perrier-Jouët - Arts & Crafts - Makoto AZUMA - The frame

a contemporary vision of beauty

Champagne Perrier-Jouët - Arts & Crafts - Makoto AZUMA - A dialogue through time

A dialogue through time

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